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The Bees

eviemcrae.readinglistThe Bees by Laline Paull was a must read for me. From the age of 9 I was an avid fan of Watership Down as my gerbils (Fiver and Hazel) will attest. Our heroine (Flora 777) changes her destiny and her world – and I’m all for that good stuff.

If you think a story about Bees is the stuff of fairy tales, think again. These Bees are a ruthless bunch and are adept at keeping each Bee in their place. Flora 777 has the undignified honour of being born a sanitation worker – and she really should know her station in life.

I was gripped from the first page. There was something edgy about this story and as someone who roots for the underdog I was drawn into Flora’s world.

To sum up, The Bees had a powerful message, much as Watership Down did (I won’t give too much away). I devoured every word and was left feeling richer for this beautifully crafted story.