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A Grief Observed, A Grief ObservedA Grief Observed by C.S. Lewis is like that warm arm around your shoulders telling you everything you feel in your darkest moments of grief is OK. I lost my mother when she was still so young and still had so much potential. So much to live for and so much to give. The feeling that something has been taken, that should not have been taken, is a raw sore that aches as viciously as they day it was cut upon your soul. To read the beautiful words of C.S. Lewis as he journals his way through the grief of losing his wife, was to join with him in something so personal, yet so universal. The death of a loved one. C.S. Lewis observed every facet of his grief, and wrapped it in a beautiful gift of words. I urge you, if you are suffering right now, or wish to understand the suffering of someone close, read this book.