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So now we’ve got that clear here’s what you’ll find here. General sharing (some would say over-sharing …ha) about my journey as a writer which I hope (if you’re an aspiring writer) you’ll find interesting.

I would love you to comment where you are moved to do so, as we all have learnings, opinions and thoughts that are useful to others. For specific queries please do feel free to contact me personally via the ‘Let’s Connect’ page.

If you are a professional writer and would like to know more about writing in the workplace, whether it’s in the publishing or corporate environment, you may find some useful information on my sister website mcraecomms.com.

As I write this I am painfully aware of the novel sitting waiting patiently, pining for some love on my desktop. It’s been ‘complete’ for quite some time but I always have the feeling that it could be better – so I keep torturing myself with  ‘I really must get back to editing this thing’. The trouble is I’m also making my living as a writer so this project may have to languish on the back burner for just a few months longer. Rest assured I will provide updates when I get things moving again.

I have a number of business ebooks on Amazon and I also write editorial and opinion pieces from time to time which I am happy to share with you too. If you do quote from these articles or any of the blogs/advice please do credit the writer (that’s me Evie McRae) or provide the whole link back to my website.

Many thanks.

Happy reading and good luck with your writing.

Evie x