Professional services for writers and authors

The Butterfly Bureau is a branded division of McRae Communications Consultancy. We specialise in providing professional services to writers and authors, from mentorship programs and workshops to ghostwriting services and author branding and marketing.  We provide a complete end-to-end service including putting you in touch with our design and photography team or we can work with you in the area you need the most help.

As a writer and published author herself, Evie McRae understands the challenges at every stage of the process – regardless of whether you are a novice writer clutching that very first exciting idea, or you’re a seasoned cynic just trying to get a job done.

Transformation is at the heart of The Butterfly Bureau’s brand. If you are someone who wishes to publish a story of transformation, or you are a professional writer who wishes to transform their career and take their writing to the next level then we are here to help facilitate that change.